Tuck-Fam is a group that originated in Birmingham Alabama with brothers Robert and Anthony Tucker. They came out with their first album in 2000 under the name Bama Boy Click, which included members Anthony Tucker, Robert Tucker, Juanez Dawson, Johnny Terrel, and Turi Tinker, followed by their 2nd The next year Affilaited Hustlers Making Money, and their 3rd album The Trilogy. Early 2009 marked a new era for their music when Robert and Anthony started Tuck-Fam. In November of 2009 Robert was murdered at their mothers home where she discovered his body. Anthony Tucker is continuing the legacy that he and brother Robert began while building one of his own working with live musicians, singers, and other creative artist. I am working hard to make Tuck-Fam a brand that stands for quality and skill, and also make it a house hold name.